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Canteen Menu Term 2 & 3, 2017

Breakfast Menu
Daily Specials - Recess
From 8.15am to 8.30am

Recess Snack Pack - 375ml milk + 1 small choc mousse 4.50

Hot Chocolate Drink

A Hot Chocolate and a muffin 2.50

Toasted Ham/Cheese S/W 3.00

Buy a  Toastie and
Hot Drink and get .50c off


Carrot Sticks (in a bag) 0.50

Seasonal Fruit (apples) 1.00+
Sandwiches, Rolls & Wraps       $     $ Loopy apples, add 10c to apple price
High fibre white sandwich & whole meal rolls or wraps Sandwich Rolls/Wraps Chocolate Chip Cookie 1.00

Chicken (real) 3.00 4.00
Popcorn - lightly salted 20g GF
Popcorn - lightly salted(small bag) GF
Tuna or Egg 2.50 3.00
Medium Muffins (chocolate or vanilla)
Cheese or Ham 2.70 3.20

Chocolate Mousse (large) GF

Ham/Cheese 3.00 3.50 Chocolate Mousse (small) GF 0.80

(the above with salad, add $2.70)

Corntos (cheese) GF 1.00

(the above toasted, add) 0.30 0.50 Fruit juice jelly (large - red or green) 1.00

Salad (lettuce, carrot, tomato, beetroot, capsicum) 2.70 3.50 Fruit Juice Jelly (small - red or green) 0.60
(add mayonaisse to the above) 0.30 0.50 Banana Bread 2.50

(other extras) 0.70 1.20 BBQ Vegie Chips GF
Vegemite 2.50 3.00 Red Rock Chips (Plain GF or honey soy) 1.50
Cheese and vegemite 3.00 3.50
All products are reduced fat or low fat where possible


Hot Foods       $

Beef Burger (lettuce, tomato, sauce) 4.70
390ml  Spring Water 1.00
Chicken Fillet Burger (lettuce, carrot, mayo) 4.70
600ml  Spring Water


Vegetarian Burger (lettuce, tomato, mayo) V 4.70
1.5Lt  Spring Water 3.00
Hot Chicken & Mayo roll 4.00
750ml Sports Top Spring Water 2.50
Hot Potato (hwn-ham/ch-vege-cheese-lot) GF 4.50
200ml  UHT Plain Skim Milk 1.20
Macaroni Cheese (no meat)   V 4.00
250ml  UP & GO Milk, (vanilla, chocolate, strawberry) 2.50

Chicko Roll V 2.00
250ml  UHT Flavoured Milk  (straw, chocolate honeycomb) 3.00
Dim Sim V 1.00
375ml  UHT Flavoured Milk  (chocolate, honeycomb, vanilla) 4.00

500ml  UHT Flavoured Milk  (chocolate, honeycomb) 4.50
Foccaccia Pizza (h/c,hcp,cheese) 3.00
250ml  Extra Juicy Juice Box (orange, a/b, apple) 2.00
Hash Brown V,GF 1.00
300ml  Unsweetened  Juice Bottle (orange, a/b, apple) 2.60
Hot Dog (with sauce) 3.50

500 ml  Unsweetened  Juice Bottle (orange, a/b, & apple)
Mini Hot Dog(with sauce) + cheese .50c 2.00

Hot Dog (with cheese & sauce) 4.00

Lasagne 4.00
Lunch Pack 1 $5.00

Mini Chicken Wrap (2 goujons with lettuce & mayo)

Chicken Schnitzel Roll with gravy


1 Ham or Cheese sandwich & 1 small bottle water

Please choose one from each line below
Mini Hash Rounds V

Small Mousse GF    OR    Apple

  Muffin  OR    Large Jelly
Balfours Meat Pie 4.00

Lunch Pack 2
Mrs Macs Sausage Roll

1 Vegemite sandwich and 1 small bottle water

Balfours Giant Sausage Roll 4.00

Please choose one from each line below

Balfours Vegetarian Pasty   V 4.00

  Packet chips  OR    Popcorn

Any Pastry  (with sauce) +20cents
 Small Jelly      OR     Apple

Small Pizza (ham ,cheese & pineapple)
Large Pizza (ham, cheese&pine, bbq chicken)

Ice Blocks - Lunchtime only       $

Frozen Orange or  AB cup 1.00

Frozen quelch 0.60

½ frozen quelch 0.30



 Special Packs

2 pack mixed (tuna,terriyaki V)
Daily Specials - Lunch

Treasure Chest                                     
1 Piece of Crumbed Fish with 
2 mini corn cobs & Wedges   



Mon Lamb or Chicken Yiros (tatziki sauce, lett, tom, onion) 5.00

 Bargain Box
3 Mini Hash Rounds 
+ 2chicken goujons
+ small bottle water
+ a small chocolate mousse
+ bag carrot stix

Tues  Chicken Noddle Stir Fry & vegies 5.00




Wed  Chicken Curry & Rice GF


Thurs  Pasta & Meatballs

Fri Butter Chicken & Rice GF 

Everyday  Fried Rice                                                          


    Small container  $3.00        Large container  $5.00
All daily specials made fresh in the Canteen. A variety of dishes may be in the bainemarie but can change due to demand and availability.



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R-12 School Canteen Orders
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Canteen Manager: Polly Jarrett
Phone:                      8392 1023
(Choose Often)
(Choose Carefully)
GF      Gluten Free
 Prices are subject to change without notice. Any dietary requirements, please feel free to contact us. Reduced fat or low fat options are used where possible. Sticky Beaks Lunch Wallets (recyclable) are available at the canteen.

We are always looking for volunteers. If you would like to volunteer or have any queries please contact us on 8392 1023
  • R-6 students MUST place their order in the class lunch baskets for deliveries to and from the Canteen.
  • Years 7-12 may order in the mornings at the Canteen between 8:15am and 8:45am – Hot and cold food is available at this time.
  • New environmentally friendly recyclable lunch bag STICKY BEAKS LUNCH WALLETT available at the Canteen cost $10.00
  • Paper bags can still be used but a preferred option would be to purchase a lunch wallet. A roll of 10 bags costs .30cents.
  • The lunch order bag should be clearly marked with the student’s name, classroom number and lunch order details. Please do not staple or use sticky tape.
  • The money is placed in the bag and the amount is written on the bag also. Change is returned with the order at lunchtime.
  • We have a process for students not receiving the correct lunch or change (for a range of reasons): Students need to approach their class teacher so they can clarify the situation and send the child immediately to the Canteen for the problem to be resolved.
  • R-6 students can access the Canteen servery at recess and lunch play to purchase small snacks.
  • When planning the menu we have the students’ health in mind.
  • Hallett Cove R-12 School Canteen follows the Right Bite Healthy Eating Guidelines.
  • We wish to provide good service together with a comprehensive and varied menu each day with the emphasis being on healthy eating.
  • We encourage Parents/Caregivers and extended family members to consider volunteering to assist us in our Canteen. This could be a great ‘stepping stone’ from home duties to re-entering the work force. Any assistance (no matter how small) would be greatly appreciated.
  • The latest menu, prices and specials etc. can be downloaded from the school website at any time. 

    These lunch packs have been designed to help you the parents to have access to a healthy lunch your child/children when you have nothing left in your pantry, when they are going on an excursion or sports activity outside of school. They can be pre-ordered or just come and see us in the morning and we can supply the LUNCH PACK for your child/children when necessary. The packs can be adjusted to suit any dietary needs please contact us for assistance.