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Policy Statement

This policy focuses on providing clear guidelines about the types of clothing that students can wear to school. The HCS Uniform Policy is designed to reflect health, safety and decency standards valued by the broader community and the workplace. Wearing of school uniform contributes to student safety and a sense of identity within our school community.


The purpose of the Uniform policy is to:
•  promote equity amongst all students
•  develop a sense of pride in, and identification with our school
•  provide durable clothing that is cost effective and practical for a wide range of physical activities and weather conditions
•  maintain and enhance the positive image of the school in the community.


The Uniform Policy applies to all R-12 students.
The Principal may exempt students from wearing a particular item of school uniform based on religious, cultural/ethnic or medical grounds.

Policy Details

A list of items of clothing has been developed
Process for managing students who do not comply with HCS Uniform Policy to be developed during term 4 2012.

Roles and Responsibilities


Roles and Responsibilities

Governing Council

  • Determine and ratify the HCS Uniform Policy details in consultation with parents, students and teacher
  • Review the Uniform Policy on an annual basis


  • Inform the school community in writing of the HCS Uniform Policy
  • Inform parents’ regarding their right to request an exemption from the HCS Uniform Policy
  • Enforce the HCS Uniform Policy on behalf of the HCS Governing Council

Leadership Team

  • Set the tone for the relevant Year level and ensure that uniform requirements are adhered to in a consistent manner
  • Support Home Group teachers with student who persistently do not comply with HCS Uniform Policy

Home Group Teachers
Classroom Teachers
Yard Duty Teachers

  • Support students R-12 in adhering to the HCS Uniform Policy
  • Consistently following the Uniform Policy process for student who do not comply with the Policy eg phone home, issue detention, etc.


  • Adhere to the HCS Uniform Policy


  • Support the HCS community by complying with the Uniform Policy
  • Apply for an exemption in writing if circumstances require it


Evaluation and Review

The Uniform Committee will review the policy annually. All aspects will be evaluated by aligning it with the expectations of Governing Council in consultation with the Hallett Cove School community.


Education Regulation 77 – School Dress Code