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Students learn a multitude of values, qualities and social skills through being part of a team, representing our community or merely through the experiences associated with competing in school sport. School sporting contests provide our students with opportunities to display and develop our school values in the wider community - whether it is exhibiting honesty and integrity, winning with humility, losing graciously, accepting difference, building confidence or simply recognizing the importance of effective communication and cooperation. Other characteristics and traits required for success in school sport include creativity and innovation, critical thinking, problem solving, decision-making and organization.

R-12 HPE Curriculum

A diverse range of sport, fitness and physical activity is offered across R-12


Swimming is offered as part of the HPE Curriculum for Year R-5 students. Students can also elect to compete at the SAPSASA Swimming Carnival (Years 4-7) and SSSSA Swimming and Diving Championships (Years 8-12).


Surfing, Snorkelling, Waveskiing, Sailboarding, Kayaking and Sailing are offered through Aquatics, Outdoor Ed, Recreation Studies or Sports Studies programmes in Years 6, 7, 10, 11 and 12.  Middle School students also experience similar activities at their respective Year Level Camp.

Sports Aquatics Swimming

Volleyball Focus Program

See the tab under ‘Volleyball Focus Programme’ for detailed information about all the school Volleyball opportunities.

Out of Hours School Sport

Cricket, Soccer and Australian Rules Football are offered on weekends for students in Years 3 through to 9. Parent participation in coaching, managing teams and participating in decisions which affect their children is required. If any parent is interested in offering assistance or being on the Sports Committee, please contact the school on 8392 1020. Basketball, Martial Arts, Dance, Calisthenics and Gymnastics are also currently accessible here at the school’s two gymnasiums. See the tab under ‘Out Of School Hours Sport’ for more details or contact our Health & Physical Education office.

Active After School Sports

A range of other ‘after school’ opportunities exist for students in Years R-6. Activities are offered on Tuesdays after school and include Rugby, Athletics, Soccer, Tennis and Self Defence.
See the tab under ‘Out Of School Hours Sport’ for more details or contact our Health & Physical Education office.

Knockout Sports

Knockout Sports are statewide competitions. A wide range of ‘in school-hours’ sports are offered across Years 6-12 and team nominations are largely dependent on student interest. As the name suggests, teams progress through to the next round until they are eliminated. Cricket, Football, Surfing, Netball, Touch Football and Golf are just some of the many options we have competed in, in 2013.
HCS has recently made the state finals in the Girls Yr 6/7 Netball, Boys Yr 9/10 Rugby League, Open Boys Soccer, Open Boys Indoor Soccer, Open Girls Indoor Soccer, Boys Yr 8/9 Indoor Soccer and in numerous age divisions in Volleyball.

Zone Sport

HCS and other local Secondary Schools in the region plan and implement a range of sporting opportunities for students in Years 8-12. Competition is usually in the form of one-day carnivals and is more regionalized than Knockout competitions. A variety of local venues are sourced to stage these events.

Lunchtime Activities

Table Tennis, Badminton, Mixed Netball and Indoor Soccer are some of the more popular options sourced in the gymnasium by Year 7-12 students in 2013. Fitness and conditioning opportunities are available daily for secondary students in the form of cardio machines and ‘light’ weights training in our Fitness Room.

SSSSA Interschool Competitions

Includes Knockout Sports (see tab above), but also includes a wide range of sport and recreation in the form ‘day’ events. Athletics, Cross-Country Running, Swimming and Diving Carnivals, Badminton, Basketball, Cycling, Triathlon and Tennis are some of the many competitions on offer
 See www.decd.sa.gov.au/sport/pages/sport/sport for more detailed information.


(Similar to SSSSA - see above). Primary school children turning 10 years and older are eligible to participate in coordinated sports and recreation. SAPSASA implement a wide range of physical activities at school, district and state level. Students can be selected for Southern Valley District Teams, South Australian and Australian teams through these competitions.
HCS is an affiliated member of the Southern Valley district with 12 other local primary schools and colleges. Regular ‘in-school’ activities are coordinated by our district, including non-competitive come ‘n try days to more formal competitive events between schools. Athletics, Rugby League, Tennis, Softball and Cricket are some of the recently advertised events available to HCS students.
Visit www.decd.sa.gov.au/sport/pages/sapsasa for more detailed information about all SAPSASA sports and events.

House Shield

Our four Houses at HCS are the Cooper Dolphins (blue), Howchin Seals (green), Sandison Stingrays (yellow) and Tate Sharks (red).
All staff (excluding Principal) and R-12 students are allocated a house team upon enrolment at HCS. The House Shield is awarded annually to the team who accrues the most points across a range of events (including Sports Day, House Sport and Standards Days).
The House System as it currently exists is being evaluated to possibly incorporate a wider range of events/ criteria in 2014 and beyond. For the record, Tate has won the House Shield most with 9 wins.

House Sport Competitions

Inter-House competitions are events held during school hours and currently exist for students in single-gender teams in Years 7, 8, 9 and 10-12 (Open) in Soccer, Football and Netball. All Middle School (7-9) students are expected to participate. Open competitions are by student nomination. Mixed Netball and Indoor Soccer have been introduced in 2013 for Year 10-12 students and is optional (by nomination). Points accrued in this competition contribute to winning the House Shield.

Standards (Athletics) Days

Standards Day(s) are Year Level Athletics competitions incorporating the basic movement fundamentals of running, jumping and throwing for Year 7, 8 and 9 students, held in the weeks prior to Sports Day. Events include 100m sprint, 400m, shot put, discus, long jump, high jump, triple jump, vortex throw and tug of war.  Scores of 4, 3, 2, 1 or 0 are awarded against a ‘standard’ time or distance. Students accrue points individually to be crowned male or female ‘Year Level Champion’. All points also contribute to their home group’s average score to win the Standards Day Home Group Trophy, and for their House to accrue points for the House Shield. Students benefit from experiencing a variety of events prior to Sports Day and expand on the concepts delivered in their PE lessons. Students may also be selected for the Interschool Athletics Squad to compete at SANTOS Stadium.