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Middle School at Hallett Cove Comprises Year 7 through to Year 9


Head of Middle School: Bronwyn Phillips 


Year Level Managers

Year 7:  Steven Nicholls
Year 8:  Stuart Kenny
Year 9:  Bronwyn Phillips


Middle Schooling Philosophy

The Middle School curriculum at Hallett Cove School is aligned with the Australian Curriculum, and encompasses all we do to support the academic, physical, social and emotional growth of our students. This is underpinned by strategies employed to cater for the needs young adolescents, their learning styles and needs as students in contemporary society.

Fundamental and contemporary approaches to learning and teaching in Middle Schooling are supported through:

• Authentic learning engaging students in deep and meaningful learning experiences.

• Learning and teaching processes are constantly constructed and reconstructed to respect the particular needs and circumstances of the learner.

• Students learn and incorporate skills into tasks requiring creative problem solving and complex thinking combined with in-depth knowledge which is used to solve problems and create actual solutions to real life situations.

• Physical aspects such as timetabling and lesson allocation allow for relationships to develop between teacher and student.

• The teachers utilises information and data collected about how students learn and designs learning experiences and tasks based upon this knowledge. All learning tasks are scaffolded and essential skills are explicitly taught for each task.

• Higher-order thinking and problem solving skills are explicitly taught so that students are able to transform information and ideas to construct meaning from their learning. Students are encouraged to engage in collaborative tasks to construct significant ideas and questions that facilitate this style of authentic learning.

• Students feel connected to the world beyond the classroom with authentic instruction connecting the classroom to real world problems or personal experiences that the student can relate to.

Middle School at Hallett Cove comprises Year 7 through to Year 9 and is supported by Year Level Leaders for each year level and a Head of Middle School.


This means that we:

      • Build strong relationships which are trusting and respectful

       • Develop students’ emotional, social, intellectual and physical well being

       • Provide a community of learners in an environment which is stimulating, supportive and promotes success

       • Offer a differentiated curriculum that is interesting, challenging and caters for all students


At Hallett Cove School, Year 7 students transition from Junior School to experience being physically located in the Middle School with their classroom teacher and peers. Some lessons are taken by specialist teachers to assist them to become ready for Year 8 where they have more teachers in choice subjects. This allows Year 7 students to experience practical subjects in a science laboratory, kitchen, art studio and technology workshop.

In Years 8 and 9, the core subjects of: English, Maths, Science and Humanities and Social Science are all undertaken with their classmates in their home room. At least one of these subjects is taught to the class by their Home Group teacher, transitioning them from the Year 7 model to Senior Secondary in Year 10. Middle School students choose a variety of subjects from:

·         The Arts

·         Health

·          Physical Education

·         Technology.

All Middle School students have the opportunity to participate in Student Voice and School Leadership.