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Year 7 at Hallett Cove School comprises of students who have attended Junior School at Hallett Cove. In recognition of the special needs of young adolescents we offer a unique curriculum and provide opportunities for students to develop effective relationships with peers and teachers.

Year 7 in Middle School at Hallett Cove School means that:

• Home groups are based around the information shared from parents and year 6 teachers at Hallett Cove
• Each class has a Home Group classroom which they use for most of their subjects and the Pastoral Care program. Students develop a class identity and ownership of their Home Group room
• The Home Group stay together for English, Japanese, SOSE, Mathematics and Science. Students are divided into smaller class grouping for practical subjects; Technical Studies, Home Economics, The Arts and Physical Education
• Where possible, a small team of teachers with expertise in Middle Schooling work with each Home Group class for their core subjects
• The Year 7 Year Level Manager is pivotal in managing the students, teachers and curriculum. Parent and student issues and concerns should be referred to the Home Group teacher, the Year Level Manager or the Head of Middle School.
At the end of year 6 in term 4, and the beginning of term one, Year 7 students will be involved in an orientation program designed to assist in the transition from primary school to secondary school.

In year 7 students take part in a range of activities including:

• Athletics Standards and Sports day
• Anti -Harassment and Cyber Bullying Program in the Pastoral Care Program
• House Sports competitions
• Aquatics