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At Hallett Cove School great importance is placed on the well being of the whole child. Pastoral Care lessons focus on the social, emotional and wellbeing of students, giving opportunity to form positive relationships and interactions within the school community. Pastoral Care also allows time for celebration of student achievements and learning through formal and informal sharing of information.

We aim to develop in our students a sense of being an important individual in one’s own right and belonging to a cohesive and stable community of learners. The school aims to promote and develop in students:
       •  positive attitude to school
       •  interpersonal and communication skills
       •  self-esteem and self-confidence
       •  respect for the rights and views of others
       •  self-discipline and organisational skills
       •  active citizenship
       •  individual guidance, counselling and support

We believe that students and staff have the right to work in a safe and supportive learning environment.

Junior School Pastoral Care

In the Junior school (years R-6) teachers use Program Achieve: You Can Do It. This programme assists students to achieve to the best of their ability. Activities from the program are integrated into each year level curriculum by their class teacher to promote resilience, coping and problem solving skills.

Middle School Pastoral Care

In the Middle school (years7-9) Pastoral Care lessons with their Home Group Teacher are tailored around working with others, making friends, positive work environments, learning styles and problem solving skills. Issues such as Bullying and Cyber-safety are also explored. Students also begin to explore career requirements.

Senior School Pastoral Care

In the Senior School (years 10 12) Pastoral Care lessons with their Home Group teacher focus on developing skills beyond school through their Personal Learning Plan, study skills,  career planning and further study options. Citizenship is investigated as well as Driver Education and Safe Partying.