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Parent Interview Bookings- Instructions for Parents

Click here to proceed to SOBS sobs.com.au

How to use SOBS

Click on the Parent/Teacher Interview Bookings

Next search for Hallett Cove School

OR if you have used the School Website link go on to the next step.

The page below should appear. Register by typing in your e-mail address you wish to use.

If you used this system before- use the same address.

Push next. Enter your Name and contact phone number. This can always be edited.

Push next. Select the year level of one of your children.

Push “Book Interview”. A choice of home-group teachers will be listed. Click on the HG teacher. Then push next.

Then select a time. It’s a good idea to write this down.

Remember to save.

That will take you back to a page where you can add another child. (see above). Remember to change the year level.

You can logoff by selecting this on the left hand side menu.

Please contact the school if you have any trouble with these instructions.