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Enrolment at Hallett Cove School is governed by the Department of Education and Children Development (DECD) policy; as applying to state zoned schools. 

eception to Year 6 entry is managed through our Junior School Leaders. Initial enquiries should be made by contacting our Junior School office on 8392 1020 - Ext 5.


Year 7-12 entry is a process managed by our School Counsellors. Availability of positions is contingent on a range of factors, such as living in zone, subject availability and whether time in a course of study allows the opportunity for success. Initial enquiries to Administration on 83921020 – Ext 6.

However, initial Year 8 entry is made through application via the student’s primary school during the later part of their year 7 year.

International Student Program (ISP)

International students are recruited by International Education Services (IES). These students will hold a visa as defined by the Commonwealth Department of Immigration and Border Protection. This will allow them to enrol in SA Government schools subject to certain conditions based on their visa sub-class. These enrolments are not managed by Hallett Cove School.

International Education Service can be contacted on:

Phone: +61 8 8226 3402
Fax:       +61 8 8226 3655



All students need to complete a Clearance Form when planning to leave Hallett Cove School to transfer to another school, go into further training or into the work force. We encourage Parent/Caregivers to contact the school to discuss the possibility of a student leaving Hallett Cove School. A Clearance Form can be obtained directly from the School Secretaries, Year Level Managers or Student Counsellors.

After completing the details, please e-mail or hand in the Clearance Form to the school who will then finalise details with the student via the School Secretaries and Year Level Managers.

PLEASE NOTE all students including International students must:

·         return all materials including texts books, library books, laptop/accessories

·         ensure their personal locker is emptied & left in a clean state

·         report to their Home group Teacher for final locker check and clearance

·         obtained clearance from Finance section & the Library that no items are owing

·         The clearance form is required to be completed BEFORE the student’s last day of attendance

Return form to school secretaries or Year level Managers




On the first day our Year 7-12 (ALL) students will be spending the morning until recess with their Home Group teachers getting timetables and participating in various activities. Year 7-12 students will be attending normal scheduled lessons after recess.

Please do not hesitate to contact relevant Heads of School with any further queries


It is an expectation that every student from Years 8-12 will have basic stationery requirements for the first day of school in 2016.

Below is a list of recommended initial stationery for each subject in your child’s year level. You can purchase these items at any retail store. Please note these resources are not available from the school.


    Materials & Services Charges for 2016 (GST Free)

    The Hallett Cove School Governing Council has approved a discount per student for the 2016 Materials and Services charges if PAID IN FULL BY Friday of Week 5, 4th March 2016.   This also applies to eligible School Card families who pay ‘the gap’. 

    The Materials and Services Charges are payable each school year for every student enrolled at the school.  The charges include books and stationery provided to students during classes and for equipment that is for the student’s individual use.  Other costs for non essential curriculum items such as camps, excursion participation, VET programs and consumables are not included within the Materials and Services Charges. Accordingly these costs will be charged at the time of a student’s participation.

    Students in Reception – Yr 7 have essential stationery supplied by the class teacher and it is included in the Materials and Services Charges for 2016.

    Students in Years 8 – 12 will need to purchase their personal stationery.  The Student Diary and Library/ID card are supplied by the school and are included within the Materials and Services Charges for 2016.



    2016 Full Fee

    2016 Discount

    2016 Disc Fee

    Yr R-6




    Yr 7-8




    Yr 9




    Yr 10




    Yr 11-12




    Detailed breakdown of material and services fees.

    Reception to Year 6
    Years 7-8
    Year 9
    Year 10
    Years 11-12


    An invoice for Material and Services Charges approved by the School Governing Council for 2016 will be posted out in mid January. 

    PLEASE NOTE : All school fees must be paid in full by the end of Term 1. For an extension of time you may apply for a payment plan with the Finance Office. Staff will be onsite during these periods to assist with School Card applications

    Payment Options
    We endeavour to provide a simple and efficient fee collection service.  We offer the following methods of payment
    Payment at Bank SA
    This service allows Parents to make payments at any branch of Bank SA.  Simply take your invoice(s) to the bank and pay.  Please quote the student’s ID number from the invoice when making a payment.  The bottom section of the invoice also contains information that the bank will require.  While the Reynella South Branch is prepared for the presentation of our invoices, some other branches may need to make a quick phone call to verify the process.

    Payment by post.
     Payment can be made by posting a cheque or money order together with the invoice(s) to the school.
    In Person

    The school will be open for the purposes of paying school fees and school card application during the following periods;
    Wednesday 20th January           1 pm  – 3 pm
    Thursday 21st  January             8 am  – 1 pm

    Payment by Internet
    By accessing Hallett Cove School’s website www.hcs.sa.edu.au payments may be made using a credit card facility by clicking on or “Pay Your School Invoice Online” . The “i” button indicates information available about procedures in making a payment.  All the information required to make a payment is located on the student’s invoice.  Please note: If paying excursions via the Internet, the consent form must be returned to the Payment Office or Class Teacher.


    School Card Assistance is available to parents who meet the criteria set by the Department of Education and Child Development. The amount for Secondary school in 2016 will be Reception to Year 7 $229 and Year 8-12 $303.  Approval will be processed by DECD on the completion of the School Card Application. Application forms are available at the school and online at DECD.sa.gov.au and must be completed every year. If you require assistance in completing a school card application please speak with Finance staff by the end of Term 1.

    Please ensure applications are submitted by the end of Term 1


    The Payment Office during
    school term is open Monday to Friday before school, recess and lunchtimes. Parents/Caregivers may make payments between 8.15am–1.45pm. Online payments are preferred.


    The Student Clearance Form (Leaver’s Form), which is available from the Deputy and Senior Leaders, requires completion before students leave Hallett Cove School.
    Parents/Caregivers will be invoiced for items that are not returned or damaged along with any outstanding accounts when the student leaves.


    Student Photo ID Card:     Yrs 7-12 
    Library Card:      Yrs Reception–Yr 6
    All high school students are required to have a photo ID Card, which has their school identity number, name and date of birth on it.  This card has a dual use; it is required for use on public transport as proof of age and student status, and is used in the school for the borrowing of resources.  The cost of the original card is included in your child’s School Fees. Replacement cards will cost $8.00 and must be paid before the card is re-issued.
    Students who are yet to have their photo taken will be able to do so in early Term 1 and these will be issued as soon as they are available.
    When students leave Hallett Cove School permanently they are required to return the Student ID/Library barcoded card to the Resource Centre when processing their Student Clearance Form.


    Parents/Caregivers who currently have access details for the DayMap Parent Portal can access their own child’s class details once enrollments have been finalised. The uploading of this information will be commencing on the evening of Friday 23/1/15 and should be complete by Monday 25/1/15. Click Login on the school website home page then ‘Click here for parent access’.

    For new parents letters will be sent out during the first week of school with details for accessing the Parent Portal. Please keep this information safe for future reference.

    Students will be issued with their timetable on their first day at school.



    Library resources and text books will be issued throughout the year.  Students are responsible for the return of those resources in the general state that they were issued. Text books have a copy number and students are expected to keep that copy for the loan time and then return the copy that was issued to them. Invoices will be posted for resources that are not returned. Students are expected to use their ID card for ALL borrowing.


    Diary:  Students in Years 7-12 are required to have a Hallett Cove School Diary.  These will be available from Home Group/Class Teachers early 2016.
    Dictionary: Students in Years 7-12 are encouraged to have a Dictionary.
    Calculators: All students in Years 7–12 studying Maths must have a calculator (as advised by the Maths/Science Faculty).  Second hand calculators may be available for purchase through the Second hand Uniform Shop.


    All workbooks as detailed on the Year 8-12 Stationery Lists are included in the Materials & Services Charge Invoice and will be distributed by the class/subject teacher


    The Hallett Cove School has a clearly defined, functional school uniform. It is the expectation of the school that all students will wear this uniform, without variations, when attending school or school excursions. There are many reasons why schools adopt such policies. Foremost amongst them is the desire to engender a sense of identity with, and pride in the school. Additionally a school uniform provides a means of identification and increases levels of security within the school.
    Please click here visit the Hallett Cove School uniform page for up to date information on uniform requirements and sales.