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Transition Programme Years 6 to 7

The teachers assisting in the 2012 transition programme will be Julie Lambert, (Head of Middle School & Year 9 Level Manager), Andrew Gohl (Year 8 Level Manager) and Scott Heywood (Year 7 Level Manager)

Week 6

Monday - Nov 12, Tuesday - Nov 13
• The Year 6 classes will be taken on a tour of the school accompanied by one of the transition programme teachers.
• Students will be given time after the tour to write down any questions that they have that were not answered on the tour

Wednesday - November 14
Lesson 5, room 901. Supervising teacher Julie Lambert
• Year 6’s will be joined by two year 7 boys and two year 7 girls who will answer questions and talk about life at year 7.
• Students will be informed about Activities Day scheduled for Friday Week 8.

Thursday - Nov 15
• Year 6 students will receive a letter, written by their year 7 buddy, explaining some aspects of life in middle school and welcoming them to year 7.

Week 8
Friday - Dec 7: Activities Day
Lesson 1:
• Students will bring pad, paper and writing equipment and meet in the following rooms for Lesson 1





Mr Heywood



Ms Rudd



Mr Round


 Lessons 2-5
• Teachers will direct groups to next allocated class. Students going to the gym WILL NOT need to change.

• All Year 6’s stay in Middle School yard. Must wear their hats.

 • Students may stay in Middle School yard and join Year 7’s for a sausage sizzle.

Lessons 6-
• Students return to home room with home room teacher for debrief.

Julie Lambert
Head of Middle School