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Year 9 Learning Technologies Program

Hallett Cove R-12 School (HCS) has a strong focus on Information and Communication Technology (ICT) literacy that will enable students to be successful global citizens in the 21st century. ICT is a significant feature in the school's strategic plan and the school has invested heavily to support this vision.


The Hallett Cove School Learning Technologies Program allows each student access to a networked laptop for use at school and the opportunity to continue its use at home via your home internet connection. In combination with our Learner Management System, ‘DayMap’ and ‘Home Access Plus+’ the HCS Cloud Service, students are able to communicate and collaborate with peers and teachers. Enhanced communication features will enable parents/caregivers greater connection and insight into their child’s learning.

One to One programs are an element in an international move towards individualising learning, which can increase independence and self-initiated learning in students, and extend their learning beyond the classroom.

Students who have full time access a laptop computers have been found to take greater pride and ownership over the knowledge they create, with a flow-on to more flexible forms of schooling.

The HCS One to One program helps extend formal learning communities to include parents, siblings and other people important in students' lives. Effective engagement with the One to One Program may also lead to initiating global communication and collaboration as well as the development of
creative expression.

Accessories for laptops can be purchased form your local variety store or for your convenience you can purchase online and have delivered to your child's classroom. 
Click Here for the Online Ordering Portal 
Username: s1g-1119
Password: hallettcove

Documents for the 2017 Program

 Chromebook Agreement Return Form 2017
 Chromebook HCS Handbook 2017
 Cyber Safety Agreement 2017
 Learning Technologies User Rights and Responsibilities 2017

Documents for the 2016 Program

 Chromebook Agreement Return Form 2016
 Chromebook HCS Handbook 2016
 Cyber Safety Agreement 2016
 Learning Technologies User Rights and Responsibilities 2016

Documents for the 2015 Program

Chromebook Agreement Return Form 2015
Chromebook HCS Handbook 2015
Cyber Safety Agreement 2015
Learning Technologies User Rights and Responsibilities 2015

Documents for the 2014 program

One to One Learning Program Handbook 2014
One to One Learning Agreements Return Form 2014
Take Home One to One Learning agreement 2014
User Rights and Responsibilities Agreement 2014
Cyber-Safety Agreement 2014